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Welcome to THE LATEX DOLLS website

Welcome to THE LATEX DOLLS website. The LATEX DOLLS are a group of Latex and bondage enthusists in Second Life. For information on us, please browse this site or come speak with us on Latexia in Second Life.


This site is currently under construction!
Please send Constructive comments to M40 (Dorrian Tracy), 993 (Sveta Takaaki)
or post them in the Forums.

Please call 993 or do a application at the helpdesk if you need a password to the DollsSection of the website.

The DollEgg
When you decide to become a LatexDoll, you submit yourself to the Rules of the Sisterhood. In addition to that, you submit your body to the Latex, and the Latex takes possession over you during the transformation ceremony. The physical representation is the DollEgg, which is implanted into your body.
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